Salt Lake County Council District 6, Terri Hrechkosy

— 1. What did you do to help with the Utah 2019 Tax Referendum? —

Collected signatures at the Draper Harmons, the Women’s Democratic Luncheon, and gathered signatures door to door in my neighborhood.

— 2. What is your position of taxes on food and gasoline? —

I do not believe there should be an increased tax on food. Taxing a basic necessity like food is a regressive tax, taking a larger percentage of income from our vulnerable citizens. While gas is a necessity for most citizens, there are alternatives if it becomes unaffordable, such as our public transit systems. The gas tax is necessary to fund and maintain our infrastructure including roads and highways.

— 3. What if any taxes would you implement on services and why? —

This is a huge question that needs to be looked at and discussed by elected officials, business leaders, and the public with absolute transparency. I am generally against any new taxes or user fees, but the reality is we are transforming into a service based economy. Considering this may be necessary, we must ensure taxing in done across the entire service industry even those with large lobbying groups.

— 4. Many Utahns felt that after the town halls and committee meetings that the legislative tax task force held throughout 2019 that their concerns were not heard and that special interests wielded too much influence. On the other hand, many legislators felt that the people didn’t understand the issue or the solutions that they put forth. If elected, how would you respond to the concerns and issues that your constituents bring to you and how would you educate them on the issues you are dealing with? —

Transparency is paramount to having a productive and honest conversation. If the legislators feel that the taxpayers did not understand the legislation, it is their failure of communication and education around the issue.

— 5. Are you willing to vote against bills that legislative leadership wants you to support even when threatened with losing coveted committee positions, having your legislation held hostage, etc? Explain —

Although this does not directly impact the position I am seeking, I will always vote with my conscience, values, and constituency.

— 6. Are you in favor of the Utah School Income Tax Constitutional Amendment that will be voted on in November? Why or not? —

I believe that it is good that the issue is being put to the citizens, but I have significant concern if there is no longer guaranteed funding for our schools which are already poorly funded.

— 7. Name one reason you are the best candidate for the position you signed for. —

I believe I bring a broad range of experience from my 64 years of Utah residency, 30 year is state government, and decades of community involvement. I believe that I will bring a fresh and balanced perspective to the citizens of Salt Lake County emphasizing the citizens of District 6.

— Email —

I am a fifth generation Utahn, raised in Cottonwood Heights and have lived in Sandy City for 34 years. I enjoyed a 30-year career with the State of Utah, fighting to improve the lives Utah families and ensuring that government was responsive to the needs of its taxpayers.

I met my late husband, Dave Hrechkosy (pronounced Her-wreck-uh-see), while he was playing hockey for the Salt Lake Golden Eagles. We were happily married for 33 years. We raised our two children in Sandy, where our family participated in youth sports, boy scouting, volunteer work and recreating in the Wasatch mountains. Both of our children graduated from the University of Utah and live and work in Salt Lake County. They have blessed me with five wonderful grandchildren with one more on the way.

I want nothing more than my children and grandchildren to be able to stay in Salt Lake County as their families grow. I know this only possible if they have access to affordable housing, jobs that pay a living wage, an excellent education system, clean air, and safe communities.

I am running to represent you on the Salt Lake County Council District 6.